Jakarta, 5 December 2018

To end a massive corruption in Indonesia requires shifting the culture and changing perception of what kind of graft has been spanning genenerations. This is the central objective of Saya Perempuan Antikorupsi (I am a Woman Against Corruption), a nationwide grassroots movement initiated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Australia Indonesia Partnership For Justice (AIPJ). The ‘I am a Woman against Corruption’ (SPAK) forum was attended by 500 participants from various backgrounds, such as law enforcers, journalists, teachers, housewives, including people with disabilities. These agents will deliver messages about anti-corruption by using informal methods like games or community gatherings in schools, universities, government offices, entrepreneurs, organizations as well as communities with the focus on character building; and the key message emphasizes on honesty in all kinds of situations.